WATCH: Suspects Try Stealing Gun Right Off Of Police Officer At Gas Station

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — Two minors were apprehended for attempting to rob a Detroit Police Officer of his firearm at a local gas station on Saturday, according to Police Chief James White.

The incident occurred at a BP gas station near Southfield Freeway and Joy Road, while the off-duty officer was preparing for a duty shift at a downtown Taylor Swift concert. The officer, clad in his Detroit Police uniform, was inside the gas station making a payment when he was assaulted at approximately 5:30 pm.

One of the assailants, armed with a 9mm Glock handgun, managed to seize the officer’s firearm momentarily. Despite having a weapon aimed at him, the officer, who managed to regain control of his weapon, refrained from firing any shots.

CCTV footage shows a shirtless suspect reaching for the officer’s gun while the latter was at the counter. A second suspect brandishing a gun is visible by the door. As the officer struggled with the shirtless man and reacquired his weapon, the second suspect was seen taking items from the store before fleeing. The officer was subsequently seen reholstering his gun. White commended the officer for his composed response during the incident.

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