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Less-Than-Great Train Robbery Allegedly Foiled By Chicago Concealed Carrier

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — A man with a concealed carry permit was riding a CTA Green Line train in Chicago when he was approached by another man who attempted to rob him at gunpoint, according to reports.

The victim, a 25-year-old man, pulled out his own firearm and exchanged gunfire with the 33-year-old offender, according to Fox 32.

The victim was not injured, but the offender was shot in the leg and was taken to the hospital in fair condition. The incident reportedly happened during the evening rush hour, almost certainly causing concern among other riders who use the train regularly for their daily commute.

Xavier Hartford, who relies on the Green Line, expressed his concern for safety and said he takes a knife with him everywhere he goes because he does not feel safe on public transportation.

“I actually take a knife with me everywhere I go because I don’t feel safe on public transportation,” he said according to Fox 32.

“It’s crazy that you have to worry about defending your own life.”

The investigation is ongoing, and charges were pending against the offender at the time of Fox 32’s report.

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