Kids In FL Playing Knockout Game First Asked Victim If He Was Armed


When I was a kid, we would hang out in the woods and drink beer like normal teenagers. Not walk around playing these ridiculous ‘games’ that might end up getting us killed.

This ‘knockout game‘ comes to us from the sandy beaches of FL. A man was approached by a group of teenagers as he was walking on the beach minding his own business.

The victim told police that he believed the boys were playing the “knockout game.” He said he was approached on the beach by one of the boys who asked him if he had a “Glock.” The man was punched after admitting that he was unarmed.

Fearing that the boy would continue to hit him until he was unconscious, the man grabbed at a folding knife that he had tucked into his waistband and pretended to have a gun. The boys fled, and the man enlisted the help of his neighbor to search for the boys.

First of all, if someone ever approaches you and asks you if you have a “Glock”, your red flags should immediately go up and you should take some steps back from that individual and get some space between the two of you. Something isn’t right, and you don’t want to be in a vulnerable position when SHTF.

This guy that was attacked had the right idea when he grabbed for his knife and pretended it was a gun. But then again, what if the kid had a gun of his own? Now you have a situation where the victim is bluffing and is now staring down the barrel of… well, probably a hi-point. So, he’d have a 50/50 chance of being shot, but those odds are still nothing you’d want to test. That last part was a joke, btw.

However you slice it, this guy isn’t in the hospital thanks to his pretend gun. I can only hope that he heads to his local police station to start the process of receiving his FL concealed carry permit. Then, if something like this ever happens again, he won’t have to risk a bluff.


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