Man With Two Chainsaws On SF Train Scares Passengers, But It Wasn’t A Halloween Prank

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — A man is said to have been making threats on a train while attempting to start two chainsaws, or at least practicing.

In the video above, taken by a passenger, it’s clear that this man is playing around with the chainsaws. ‘Wielding’, I’m not so sure, but he’s definitely crossing the line of things NOT to do while in a public setting such as a train.

Patrick Bingman, 47, is charged with brandishing a deadly weapon, making criminal threats, misappropriation of lost property and larceny.

“That so you don’t have to cut your freaking head off with this chainsaw,” said Bingman in video recorded by a disturbed passenger.

Based on that statement, it would seem that Mr. Bingman stole the chainsaws. As for the threatening part, I think that he was simply being an idiot and not thinking.

Why am I bringing this stuff up? Because it’s a self-defense question.

If you were on the train, would you have felt that Mr. Bingman posed enough of a threat to draw your firearm?

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