First Impressions on the New Springfield Armory Hellcat for Concealed Carry

I’ve been sitting on this one for weeks now, because I didn’t want to rush any opinions. My review isn’t even completed yet.

Since receiving the Springfield Armory Hellcat earlier this month, I’ve shot about 1,700 rounds through it and have carried it in a CrossBreed Holster.

Zero hiccups, which is a requirement that I have for a firearm that I will be carrying. From the moment I took it out of the box until about 300 rounds, I did nothing to the firearm. In other words, I didn’t clean it from the factory or anything of the sort. At 300 rounds, I stripped it, removed all of the oil and cleaned and lubricated everything with Eezox.

I then went back to the range for another 250 rounds over the course of two trips, and still no issues.

Updated: I now have 1,700 rounds with the OSP version and 800 with the standard version. Still no issues.

That’s a pretty standard procedure for me. First, making sure it runs flawlessly from the factory, and then making sure it runs flawlessly after a thorough cleaning and reapplying lubrication.

As for carrying, it’s almost comical (in a good way) as to how little this thing is. Carrying 11+1 or 13+1 with the extended magazine, the small and slim profile is ideal for deep concealment. Printing is hard to create, and it’s an overall excellent choice for nearly any carry position you could think of.

My favorite part of the firearm, honestly, is the grip. I have what I would call normal-sized hands, and it fits perfectly. And when I say perfectly, I mean it’s the most comfortable handgun that I’ve ever held, and that’s saying a lot.

As for shooting, their approach to the grip texture is nothing exciting to look at but at the same time, extremely useful and practical.

That’s the best I could do with a close-up shot of the grip texture, so that’s what you get. In a nutshell, they created a texture with two combinations: the tall peaks are flattened at the top, while the shorter peaks come to a point. The concept is that when you grip it lightly, it’s comfortable. When you grip it a little harder while shooting, the shorter peaks with the points will help give your hand some traction.

It’s perfect, and really does make a noticeable difference.

I’m a sweaty hands guy, especially down here in Florida, and have the frequent issue of my hands sliding about on many handgun grips. I had this problem exactly zero times with this new grip texture.

To sum up first impressions, this new Springfield Armory Hellcat is a definite contender in it’s category and beyond.

So much so, that it’s replaced my EDC for the last 4 years.

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