Concealed Carrier Fatally Shoots One of Two Teens During Attempted Robbery

COLUMBUS, OHIO – A man held at gunpoint in an armed robbery attempt drew his concealed carry handgun and stopped the robbers, killing one of them. Police were call to the E&E Food Market in the 700 block of East Hudson Street around 7:25 p.m. on January 12th.

Upon arrival, they found Kiran Hill, 18, with gunshot wounds. He was transported in critical condition to Riverside Methodist Hospital, where he succumbed to his wounds. His accomplice, Josiah Cocroft, 17, was arrested and charged with murder.

The intended victim, a 33-year-old concealed carry permit holder, remained at the scene to talk with investigators. He stated that the pair approached him, and the man identified as Hill pulled a gun on him. At that time, the CCW holder drew his gun, and the two exchanged gunfire. The man was uninjured.

Many concealed carriers, and open carriers for that matter, think that just having their defensive handgun on them is good enough. They don’t put a lot of thought into their choice of gun, their choice of holster, or their choice of clothing. They don’t put a lot of effort into training and practicing perfecting a clean, quick draw. This incident shows the importance of doing both.

A gun that is difficult to grip solidly for the draw or a holster and/or clothing that hinders the draw can literally be the difference between life and death…the difference in being able to use lethal force in self-defense or being shot while fumbling with a gun, holster, or clothing.

If you carry, are you confident that your choice of handgun, holster and clothing will allow you to draw quickly enough to defend yourself? You can’t afford to not be honest with yourself.


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