Pipe allegedly used in attack by Joseph Tenore
Image Credit: Nineteenth Judicial Circuit of Florida

Man Defending Son From Pipe Attack Won’t Be Charged Under Stand-Your-Ground Law


ST. LUCIE COUNTY, FLORIDA — A Florida father will not be charged with the shooting death of his former son-in-law outside Specialized Marine Services from Mar. 1.

According to TC Palm, David Silva, 64, claimed self defense concerning the incident.

Silva reportedly told detectives that he shot Joseph Warren Tenore, 39, two times after Tenore armed himself with a pipe and began to attacking his own son, Joseph Bernard Tenore, 21.

The older Tenore was killed, and one other, Michael Sadlon, was shot but not killed.

USA Carry reports that Silva and the younger Tenore were plaintiffs in a civil lawsuit against Joseph Warren Tenore. Silva and the younger Tenore stopped to take pictures of a truck as evidence in that pending suit when Sadlon and the elder Tenore saw them.

A fight broke out, which the elder Tenore and Silva both called the police about. Sadlon allegedly put Silva on the ground and choked him. The older Tenore allegedly attacked his son with a length of pipe.

That’s when Silva defended himself with a handgun.

SLC Sheriff Ken Mascara said that there was “strong evidence” that supports a stand-your-ground case, according to WQCS.

At the time, Silva and the younger Tenore reportedly had apparent injuries that would be consistent with a physical altercation.

Mascara went on to say that “after reviewing the facts, our initial findings suggested that all four individuals were actively engaged in the altercation and that the shooter, David Clark Silva, Jr., may have acted in self-defense.”

“While the loss of life from this incident is tragic, the Office of the State Attorney must enforce Florida law, which we concur with,” Mascara said.

“As such, none of the four individuals involved face prosecution in this case.”

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