Homeowner Shot In Chest While Trying To Confront Car Thieves

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — In the early hours of Saturday morning, a homeowner in his 30s was shot in the chest during a confrontation with car thieves on the 6300-block of Bowman Ridge in the Ridgehaven subdivision, Northwest Side. The incident occurred around 3:30 a.m. when the homeowner, alerted by his surveillance camera, confronted three individuals attempting to break into a vehicle. This led to an exchange of gunfire, resulting in the homeowner’s injury. He is currently stable at University Hospital.

The thieves, who had arrived in a stolen car, fled on foot. Despite extensive police search efforts, including the use of a helicopter, the suspects remain at large. The event shocked local residents, with one neighbor, who chose to remain anonymous, expressing disbelief at such violence in their usually quiet and safe neighborhood. This neighbor’s property sustained significant damage from stray bullets, impacting their garage, vehicles, freezer, drywall, and oak cabinets in the kitchen.

Highlighting the rarity of such incidents in the area, which is predominantly inhabited by older and retired individuals, the neighbor reflected on the homeowner’s decision to confront the thieves, acknowledging the impulse to protect property but emphasizing personal safety.

It’s typical to see certain areas as safe, until they’re not. Preparing ahead of time is essential, but it’s equally essential to know when to avoid confrontation. Not only was the homeowner shot in the chest, but many bullets made their way to at least one neighboring home, which could have had a much worse outcome. It’s tough to watch your vehicle get broken into, but if no lives are in danger, sometimes it’s better to call police and let them handle things.

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