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Wife Draws Her Gun To Defend Husband During Attack, Leaving Attacker Paralyzed

GREENFIELD, WISCONSIN – A woman will not be charged in a shooting that occurred in September. The shooting took place in the parking lot of Meijer in Greenfield. The shooting was the result of an altercation between two men.

A woman and her husband were driving through the Meijer parking lot during the morning of Sep 28. A man, later identified as Eliut Cruz-Cruz, yelled at her husband, Steven Dunlap, claiming Dunlap disregarded a crosswalk.

The couple stated Cruz-Cruz began yelling at them and initiated the confrontation. Cruz-Cruz walked to the car and began punching Dunlap in the face. Dunlap got out of the car and the two began a physical altercation. Cruz-Cruz got the upper hand and when Dunlap fell to the ground, Cruz-Cruz began stomping on his head. He also kicked Dunlap in the ribs and stomach.

That’s when the woman, who has a valid CCW permit, got her firearm from the truck. She shouted for Cruz-Cruz to stop. She yelled, “And I told him I said stop, stop, stop, I’m scared for my life, I’m scared for my husband, I said stop I have a gun and I don’t want to shoot you. I have gun, I have gun.” The woman says she shot Cruz-Cruz to defend her husband.

When police arrived, they found Cruz-Cruz with a gunshot wound to the torso and Dunlap with a broken leg. Both men were taken to a nearby hospital and both are expected to survive their injuries. A police report indicates the man who was shot is paralyzed below the waist. The woman was detained at the time of the incident, however, was released with no charges as the shooting was deemed self defense.

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