Teen Had Detailed Plans To ‘Kill Everyone’ At Former High School, But Police Found Him First

JUNIPER, FLORIDA — A 19-year-old South Florida resident, Henry Horton IV, was arrested when authorities discovered threats in his vehicle detailing plans to attack several schools and individuals. Horton was initially stopped by police in Jupiter due to a malfunctioning headlight. The threats in his car detailed plans to target Okeechobee High School, his former school, as well as other locations across different states. The threats specified intentions for January 2, 2026, his 22nd birthday.

Further examination of Horton’s phone and online accounts unveiled intentions for mass attacks across states, bomb-making, and a threat against his stepmother. Horton informed officials he had been surveying the El Rey Jesus Church in Miami and had previously scouted the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, a site of a mass shooting in 2018. Authorities confirmed his car was spotted in Parkland earlier in September. In addition to the threats, a 9MM handgun, reportedly stolen from his mother, was seized from Horton’s possession.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, Horton’s mother, Marcie Horton, pleaded for understanding, emphasizing his history of mental health issues and urging for treatment instead of penal consequences. She claimed he wouldn’t have executed the detailed plans. Similarly, his stepmother, Alisha Horton, who was identified as a potential victim in the threats, vouched for his non-violent nature and mental health struggles.

Horton has been formally charged with writing threats to kill or cause harm. He is currently held at the Palm Beach County Jail with a bond set at $1 million and awaits his court appearance on November 6.

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