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Could Michigan Go Next? Permitless Carry Bills Hit The Michigan House

LANSING, MICHIGAN — Legislation was introduced last week that would make Michigan a Constitutional Carry state. Constitutional carry is a term used for states that acknowledge all law-abiding gun owners’ right to carry arms concealed or otherwise and do not require them to produce a permit.

Reps. Michele Hoitenga of Manton, Triston Cole of Mancelona, Sue Allor of Wolverine and Pamela Hornberger of Chesterfield Township introduced a four-bill package to the House Judiciary Committee.

“Responsible people shouldn’t have to obtain a special permit from the government to exercise a right that is guaranteed in both the U.S. and state constitutions,” Hoitendga said.

A resident concealed carry permit from Michigan has one of the highest rates of reciprocity across the country. The legislation was introduced to the House and, according to Fox News 47, has yet to pass the House Judiciary Committee.

Citizens have voiced a mixed review for Fox News but this one comment caught my attention:

“The concealed permit is part of the government trying to take more money,” said gun owner Simon Paterson. “The other part of me thinks that you need the class that goes along with it.”

Overwhelmingly, as we see more states go permitless, the biggest concern is a lack of mandatory minimum education. Most concealed carry classes focus on basic firearm safety, shooting technique, and relevant state law discussion.

A great thing about concealed carry classes is that students have the opportunity to work alongside an instructor. The classroom portion is an excellent time for beginner’s and even ‘advanced’ gun owners to ask questions that they may not otherwise ask.

With no education requirement, a person can go to a gun store and carry that handgun. That’s not a bad thing. Unfortunately, a person with no prior education on concealed carry laws in Michigan — such as drinking limit, when and where it is illegal to carry a concealed firearm, etc. — may be set up for failure.

The internet is a wealth of knowledge and certainly we at Concealed Nation try to educate responsible concealed carry practices but there is no substitute for instructor-lead, hands-on training.

After all, the expectation is that an armed person will use his or her handgun judiciously to apply deadly force only when absolutely required and not a moment before.

Even if this law goes onto the floor of the House and maybe even becomes enacted as law, there are some serious discussions not being had about how to enable responsible concealed carry practices when there is no requirement to have that education.

For states like North Dakota, New Hampshire, and others whom have enacted permitless concealed carry, there has not been a surge in gun-related accidents or even gun crime. When that data becomes available and there is a stronger case to say that every concealed carrier needs to receive at least some minimum level of education prior to carrying, I’ll pursue those arguments.

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