Student Shot And Killed On Campus By Her Ex Boyfriend

A University of Utah student and member of the track team was gunned down while on campus returning from class by her ex-boyfriend, who she broke up with after learning of his criminal history and other lies.

The ex took his own life shortly after in a church.

“She was returning to her university apartment from her night class and talking to me on the phone,” Lauren McCluskey’s mother, Jill McCluskey, said in a statement. “Suddenly, I heard her yell, ‘No, no, no!’ I thought she might have been in a car accident. That was the last I heard from her.”

It’s a terrible story out of a campus that allows students to carry firearms, but of course the offender was in possession of – and carrying – his firearm illegally, being a criminal and all.

The man, a registered sex offender, would not have been able to own a firearm given his criminal history. Once McCluskey learned of his past, she ended the relationship. This was just a few weeks ago, and the pair had only dated for a month.

The man was not a student at the school.

This isn’t about the man carrying on campus, because bad people will do bad things regardless of what the law tells them is wrong. This is about young people defending themselves on school grounds from people such as this.

As a college campus that allows students to carry a firearm, it pains me even more to see this happen. Of course not everyone is going to carry a firearm, but I can hope that someone will see this story and think about getting their permit, then train with their firearm, and then carry it on campus.

We never know who is going to come into our lives, and sometimes evil people make it through without us knowing it. Even when we find out, sometimes it’s too late.

My heart goes out to this poor girl’s family and friends, as I cannot imagine the pain they are experiencing.

If it were up to me, I’d have training classes for those interested right on campus to make it easier for those who wish to protect themselves to do so. Until then, I hope that some find their way to responsible concealed carry.

To prepare for the unexpected evil thst exists in our world.

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