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Man Fatally Shot After Showing Up at Girlfriend’s Apartment and Assaulting Her


QUEENS, NEW YORK – A man was fatally shot after making a drunken appearance at his girlfriend’s apartment early Tuesday morning.  According to NYPD, the incident unfolded just after 1 a.m. at the Ocean Bay Apartments on Beach 54th St. near Beach Channel Drive.

The man was intoxicated when he showed up at the apartment and assaulted her.  The woman’s adult son and others were also present. The man was shot by someone inside the apartment.  Police are unclear exactly who did the shooting and aren’t sure if it was someone who simply came to her defense, or if there was a third party involved in the argument that preceded the assault.

The man, identified only as a 32-year-old, was transported to Jamaica Medical Center suffering from a gunshot wound to his upper body, and later died there.

According to neighbors, this type of incident was out of character for the area. They said the woman and her two sons, who appear to be teens, lived in the apartment, and kept to themselves. “They’re quiet, so it’s strange that something even happened,” said one neighbor. After hearing the family’s dog barking, she peeked out just in time to see first responders taking the victim from the apartment. She added, “He was moving around. I only saw his legs. I didn’t see any blood.”

Another neighbor said she heard nothing…not even the gunshot. “That’s crazy, oh my God,” she said. “That is so sad…. We didn’t hear anything. The cops woke me up. That’s how I figured out anything.”

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