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Robber Dead For Gun Fight He Started *After* He Got His Cash And Left

RALEIGH, NC — A man is dead after attempting to rob a convenience store, succeeding, then wheeling around mid-getaway to get himself in a gun battle, WNCN reports.

The man was shot in the leg, and wasn’t able to get to medical attention in time. He died for his idiocy.

According to WNCN:

A news release said that 21-year-old Derrick Malik Wiley was a suspect in a robbery at the Mini Mart on the 5500 block of Old Wake Forest Road. Wiley and an employee exchanged gunfire Saturday, and Wiley was shot in the leg, police said.

Police found Wiley about two and a half miles from the store. The owner of the Mini Mart told CBS 17 Monday afternoon that the incident began when someone outside the store saw a man wearing a mask walking inside, so they called 911.

Once inside, the suspect pointed a gun at the store clerk, who handed over about $400 in cash, the store owner said. The owner says as the suspect ran outside, the clerk followed him out the door and told the suspect that the police were on their way. That’s when the suspect shot at the clerk, who then shot back, the store owner said.

Now, that’s bad form for both guys involved. Let’s break it down:

The thug’s threat to his life was done. He was running off, good guy gave him the money and didn’t get hurt — that’s fine.

Then he got it into his head to charge after him and antagonize him. Why on earth? It was done.

And then our good friend the criminal heard this guy you just robbed come out and say “Hey, you’ve got only a couple of minutes before you’re definitely not going to get away from this” and thought “Man, sure sounds like I need to engage myself with deadly combat!”

He died for that ridiculous, thoughtless call. What a stupid waste of life.

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