*GRAPHIC WARNING* Man Nearly Killed While Trying To Defend Business In Kenosha During Riots


The man in this video is Robert. He is a good friend of the owners of Sue and Keith’s magical mattress shop in Kenosha, WI. This was the store that he was trying to get looters and rioters away from. At his disposal was a fire extinguisher, that he used as a deterrent towards those looking to do harm and damage.

Robert got blindsided by a man who beat him to the ground, and luckily there were good people around who came to his aid.

This happened on Monday night, during the second night of rioting in Kenosha. The store is a total loss.

A GoFundMe has been set up for all three.


“Monday August 24, 2020 protesters and looters set fire to Sue and Keith’s magical mattress shop in Kenosha, WI. The building and all contents are completely destroyed. Our dear friend Robert was onsite and tried to stop the fire. Robert was viciously attacked and beaten. Emergency medical attention was needed and further surgery will be required. I have seen these three folks help neighborhood people for years with money, food, mattresses when no one could afford to pay. They have served the Kenosha community selflessly and so didn’t deserve this horrible attack. I have known this wonderful folks for years. They are honest, hard working and honorable people. Please give if you can and please please share.”


It’s a tough situation to be in. Some see it as a person defending the livelihood of themselves and others, and some see it as something that insurance will cover and you shouldn’t get involved.

Robert is definitely in the first group, and I can only commend him for his actions.

Others take a similar approach, going out in full gear and rifles, trying to prevent people from causing destruction.

The video below comes on the same night as Robert’s attack, likely close by.

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