Why We Carry: Man Runs Woman Over Repeatedly During Apparent Road Rage Incident

The level of crazy is pretty high in this video, and is the latest example of hoe some people will do the unthinkable to another person.

The harrowing footage captured Tuesday by a witness in Elizabeth shows the moment Vincent Jean, 56, drove his silver Mitsubishi SUV over the 23-year-old victim after they had a minor traffic accident nearby, Union County authorities said Wednesday.

via nypost.com

The woman was run over multiple times and after the attack, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. She underwent at least one surgery and the extent of her injuries is unknown.

The suspect was later captured when police found him sitting inside his vehicle at another location.

The incident happened because of a fender bender between the two just moments prior. The woman was reportedly taking photos of the suspect’s vehicle for evidence, and he decided that running her over would be the acceptable response.

Had the woman been armed, or a bystander, this attack could have possibly been stopped before it got to the point that it did.

These terrible things happen in various forms on a daily basis, and it will almost always be up to us, as individuals, to protect and defend ourselves.

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