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[WARNING: GRAPHIC] When Intended Victim Becomes Aggressor; Don’t Fall Into This Category

If an armed criminal comes up on you and you’re able to get the upper hand, every one of us is going to be angry. Taking that anger out on the criminal, physically, can land you in a world of trouble.

The video comes from an armed robbery attempt in Brazil, and the intended target quickly disarms the bad guy.

But even after he’s disarmed him and knocked him out, he continues a rather brutal assault. And, then he starts to live-stream it.

I know that people in Brazil are tired of these criminals, but it’s still wise to check yourself with this type of reaction. After the threat has been eliminated, that’s end scene. Get yourself to a safe police and let police clean things up.

John makes a great point in the video; what if this criminal had some other criminal buddies hiding around the corner? You just never know what you’re up against, and it’s best to keep your personal safety in mind and get to safety.

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