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Concealed Carrier Stops Dog Attack Just Two Days After His Niece Was Killed In Unrelated Dog Attack

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — Two days after a dog attack that left a 9-year-old girl dead, her uncle found himself up against a similar threat against two different dogs.

Jesse Lopez, the girl’s uncle, was walking down the street to his car when he was attacked by a pair of german shepherds.

“Everything happened so quick and I had no time to try and really react, but trying not to get bit by two dogs,” Lopez said. “There was a white one and a grey one. The white one lunged at me and tried to attack me.”

“I shoot once, I miss. Then the dog took two steps and ran back at me again and I shot it again and I hit it on the side,” he said.

via fox2detroit.com

A neighbor had heard the gunshots and confirmed to police what had happened. Lopez called authorities immediately after firing his handgun.

The dog shot is expected to be alright, although it’s fate remains unknown after the attack.

The little girl that was killed had been riding her bike when three pit bulls escaped a yard and attacked.

The city is still reeling from reports that three pit bulls escaped their yard and mauled Emma Hernandez to death while she was riding her bike down an alley near her home. Her father, Armando said he hasn’t slept since the attack.

“I haven’t slept, I haven’t been able to get any rest,” Armando said. “The first thing I see when I close my eyes is my daughter.”

The owner of the pit bulls has been charged with murder in Emma’s death.

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