Man Waiting In Traffic Gets A Visit From 2 Thugs, But He Has A Surprise For Them


CHICAGO, IL — When a man stuck in traffic was ambushed by two thugs looking to make an easy buck, they certainly were not expecting to have the tables turned on them by a responsibly-armed concealed carrier.

As the Chicago Sun Times reports, the man in the vehicle, whose age and name have not been released, was distracted by one thug, while the other came in from another angle and snatched personal property from the vehicle.

It seems like an easy way to get some cash together, but for these two, life was about to get a great deal more difficult.

Although it’s not as common to have one’s concealed carry permit in Chicago as it is on other areas, it’s not unheard of, and this victim was armed.

The man fired his gun and fled the robbery, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

No injuries were reported, and it doesn’t appear that any charges will be pressed as of yet, but at the same time — the robbers did get away.

Concealed carry, when it pertains to your vehicle, is a subject we talk about often. A lot of folks don’t have an easy way to conceal their defensive tool while driving — especially our small-of-back carriers.

It is absolutely imperative that you can be able to get to your handgun while you’re in your car, truck, or anything else you may have.

You never know when an incident like this may happen.

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