Ghost of Kyiv, a Ukrainian fighter pilot who has reportedly taken down 6 Russian fighter jets.

Anonymous Taking Down Major Russian Websites, Citizens Are Armed And Prepared To Fight Russian Soldiers To The Death


Within the next 10 minutes, and likely before this article is published, intelligence reports suggest that Russia is going to target the Ukraine capital of Kyiv. The group Anonymous has been busy as well, strategically taking down Russian websites, including government websites and the country’s news station RT.

Reports state that an attack on Kyiv could happen at any minute, as strategic bomber planes were located and apparently headed towards the capital.

In the west, the U.S. hit Russian banks with strict sanctions as a result of the invasion.

Some citizens in Ukraine have stated that they, as well as many thousands of others, are prepared to fight Russian forces to the death in an effort to save their country. With tens of thousands of newly-armed Ukrainians with fully automatic rifles, they will still be up against a large country with a large military presence.

Reports of the “Ghost of Kyiv”, a Ukrainian fighter pilot, who is said to have already taken down 6 Russian fighter jets by himself.

Meanwhile, thousands of citizens are seeking shelter in subway stations and other locations that they hope will provide them with safety. The thought of the Ukrainian citizens prior to the attacks was simple; Putin is all talk and won’t take action, and many were surprised to wake up to the news and destruction.

I’ve been asked why I have been covering this ongoing crisis in the Ukraine, and the answer is twofold:

  1. The people of Ukraine need to know that the majority of the world supports them and sees this invasion as unjust, and;
  2. The United States of American has the upper hand when it comes to invasions, as any land attempt inside our borders would be met with millions of armed and trained citizens who would lock and load, and the guerrilla warfare that would unfold would be unbeatable by any attempting outsiders.

The citizens of Ukraine need the world to be watching, and Putin needs to be held accountable for his actions.

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