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If you’ve ever researched holsters, you’ve likely stumbled upon the name Crossbreed. Founded in 2005, Crossbreed Holsters quickly became one of the most popular brands for concealed carry holsters. Do they live up to the hype? Let’s take a look!


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The Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe is a design that should look familiar to anyone who has owned a leather and kydex hybrid holster. This style of holster has a piece of molded kydex which is attacked to a leather backing, in this case via rivets. The holster also comes with two metal clips that keeps the holster in place while you are wearing it.

crossbreed supertuck deluxe holster review

Crossbreed uses only the finest of products to build their holsters, from the leather and kydex, all the way to the hardware. There is no skimping or cutting corners when it comes to the craftsmanship that you’ll find with each holster they send out the door.


Features of a holster are often overlooked, and I’ll again refer to the craftsmanship that goes into Crossbreed products. They use nothing but the best, and it shows in the final product.

A big thing for me and holsters is the use of sturdy metal clips. While plastic and nylon clips have come along way, I’m still partial to the metal clips. Crossbreed offers some really nice metal clips that have their signature cross on each of them for  a nice little touch.

Their leather is premium and hand-picked, and offers great color, comfort and support. They offer three different types of leather, as outlined below:

Tanned American Cowhide
Our Tanned American Cowhide is selected especially for CrossBreed® Holsters by our leather supplier. We then dye it black and then buff it to a perfect finish. The leather’s superior quality is the key to offering great stability combined with extreme comfort.

Premium Hard Rolled Cowhide
Our Premium Hard Rolled Cowhide has been individually selected, treated, and hard rolled exclusively for CrossBreed® Holsters. This process creates the same comfort and moisture resistant qualities as our horsehide holsters. CrossBreed’s® Premium Hard Rolled Cowhide is available in a light tan color and is a great alternative when our horsehide is not available.

Premium Horsehide
Our Premium Horsehide option is a leather that comes from hides tanned in USA and made from the extremely sought after Shell Cordovan. This particular leather used to make some of the finest leather products in the world. The horsehide is a more dense, tighter grained leather making it more moisture resistant than other types of leather. Our customers that live in hot humid climates or tend to perspire more prefer the horsehide because of the leather grain properties. The horsehide is available only in a natural tan color and is finished and conditioned with Neetsfoot Oil.

Here is the full description from their website that does a little better justice than I can:

Our most popular holster and THE most comfortable and concealable holster available.

The SuperTuck® is our most popular rig and is adjustable for ride depth AND cant, it’s our most stable and comfortable rig and offers the following features as well.

1) All SuperTuck® holsters now come with our new SteelClip clip. Spring steel with a corrosion proof, chip proof coating along with a proprietary design makes our SteelClips the best clip on the market. Bulletproof construction and a decorative design that won’t give you away, only from CrossBreed®.

2) 3/4 length full sight channel for clearance with ALL front sights.

3) Premium grade leather for the backing! Available in our Black Cowhide, Tan Premium Hard Rolled Cowhide and our Natural Tan Horsehide when available. You can read more about each individual leather in our frequently asked questions section. If Horsehide is unavailable, we recommend the Premium Hard Rolled Cowhide. This leather is selected, treated, and hard rolled exclusively for CrossBreed® Holsters. This process creates the same comfort and moisture resistant qualities as our horsehide holsters. CrossBreed’s® Premium Hard Rolled Cowhide is available in a light tan color and is a great alternative when our horsehide is not available.

4) Steel mounting hardware for the clip attachments.

5) Mounting spacers behind the clips to allow easier tucking.


I’ve been through a lot of holsters, and this is in my top 2 favorites of all time. Once your holster is broken in and molded to your body, it’s beyond comfortable. Walking, running, even long rides in the car. You’ll forget it’s there, and that’s not an exaggeration.


The concealability of a firearm has other factors besides the holster itself, but it definitely plays a large role in proper concealment. While some holster companies will use a bit too much leather, Crossbreed seems to have it just right. Add that to the fact that it’s a tuckable holster and you’ve got yourself a winner when it comes to concealment.


I’ve used my Crossbreed with a tucked in shirt on numerous occasions. I’ll admit that I don’t dress up that often but when I do, my Crossbreed does an excellent job at providing some very nice deep concealment for my Glock 27.

For deeper concealment, Crossbreed offers a few additional types of clips for your holster; the J Hook and the V Clip.


J Hook

This clip goes down BEHIND the belt and then hooks up at the bottom preventing the holster from drawing out with the gun. The advantage to this clip is that it is more discreet than the SnapLok, but by putting the weight on the pants instead of the belt, it tends to want to ride down with heavier guns and is not as stable.

V Clip

The V Clip is the most discrete clip ever!  It goes behind your belt and stays there, anchoring your holster to the back of your belt by velcro.  The clip literally disappear behind the belt.


The kydex shell on the holsters is riveted to the leather, so you are not able to adjust the retention with screws. For the vast majority of folks, however, Crossbreed has this covered with providing the perfect amount of retention for your firearm. I have to agree with them, and I wouldn’t change a thing. If you’re set on changing the retention, you’re still able to by following some directions that they will provide. It’s a heating process with the kydex and is a pretty simple thing to accomplish.

Price & Guarantee

Base Price: $69.75

If you’re looking for the upgrades that I specified in the video review, you’ll be adding a little bit more to the price. However, it’s the way that I always order my Crossbreeds because it’s proven time and time again to be worth the extra investment.

badge_lifetime-warrantyWarranty: Lifetime

The warranty provided by Crossbreed will cover just about any problem that you may encounter with your holster. Under normal circumstances, just send it back and they’ll fix or replace it for you. It doesn’t get much easier than that. While I’ve never had to return a holster, I have had contact with their customer service folks. With that said, I imagine that any warranty claims are conducted in a quick and professional manner. I’ve come to expect nothing less from Crossbreed.

Moreover, they have a 2 week trial period where you can give their holster a test run. Here are the details from their website:

Once you receive your holster you have two weeks to try it out. If it doesn’t work for you, simply give us a ring and we will buy it back. Even after your two-week-try-it-free period is over, the holster still carries a lifetime warranty and we will repair or replace it as long as you own it, if it fails you in any way under normal use.

crossbreed holsters

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