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Homeowner Shoots 2 Gang Members During Invasion; 1 Dead, 1 Questioning Life Decisions In Hospital

PICO RIVERA, CALIFORNIA — An armed homeowner took matters into his own hands when a pair of gang members tried breaking into his home. One got into the home, and another didn’t even make it that far.

The homeowner opened fire on one of the suspects who broke into the residence through a window, wounding the suspect, according to the department.

The homeowner then stepped out onto his back patio, where he confronted the second suspect, who he believed was reaching for a firearm. The second suspect, who has not been identified, was shot and killed.

via abc7.com

The injured suspect was taken to the hospital by the getaway driver, who was also arrested. The injured suspect underwent surgery as a result of his encounter with an armed citizen.

Happening just after 1 am, you never know when trouble may try to break in. I’m not sure if this homeowner was asleep or awake at the start of this attempted home invasion, but it seems that he was quick to react and get his hands on a firearm.

One thing to note here is the part of the story where the homeowner stepped outside of his house and onto the patio. Putting yourself out in the open like that can invite more trouble, as you don’t know if the person outside is armed, or how many people there are.

Staying inside is usually your best option, getting to a location that gives you an advantage, if the person decides to attempt entry into your home.

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