Best 9mm Handguns in Today’s Market


In the first installment of ‘Best Caliber Handguns’, we take a look at the best 9mm handguns in today’s market. Sponsored by CrossBreed® Holsters, let’s take a look at the 15 handguns that made the cut.

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Sig Sauer P226

The Sig Sauer P226 has proven over the years to be amongst the best handguns ever produced. The P226 offers extreme reliability and accuracy with the Sig Sauer craftsmanship which is second to none. Shooting the Sig P226 is an experience that makes an average shooter feel like a professional. The pistol is also beautiful and offered in many variations from Sig Sauer.


Overall Length: 8.1”
Overall Height: 5.5”
Capacity: 15
MSRP: approx – $1000 (depending on the model)

Walther PPQ

The Walther PPQ is known to have the most comfortable ergonomics and smoothest trigger that the polymer framed striker fired pistol market offers. The PPQ is a lighter compact size pistol by weighing under 25 ounces however it shoots incredibly soft. Many gun enthusiasts consider the Walther PPQ the finest striker fired pistol on the market.


Overall Length: 7.1”
Overall Height: 5.3”
Capacity: 15
MSRP: $649

Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle III

When Magnum Research introduced the BDE III model, it was an instant winner. The BDE III is the most accurate handgun this reviewer ever experienced. Offered in both polymer and carbon steel frames in 9mm, .40 and .45 acp, this pistol is guaranteed to please. The double action/ single action trigger is simply amazing. The Baby Desert Eagle III is a smooth shooting pistol that finds it’s target with ease.


Overall Length: 8”
Overall Height: 5.375”
Capacity: 15
MSRP: $691 (full size, steel frame)

Heckler & Koch P30sk

The quality and reliability of HK pistols is undeniable. The HK P30sk is an excellent concealed carry choice. Offered in several trigger action variants, the P30sk is very accurate and feature loaded. The pistol featured is an LEM (law enforcement modification) variant 1 which has a smooth and crisp double action trigger pull that this reviewer finds amazing.


Overall Length: 6.42”
Overall Height: 4.57
Capacity: 10
MSRP: $719

Lionheart LH9

Lionheart Industries produces three amazing pistols that deserve more attention in the handgun world. The Lionheart LH9 is an incredible handgun that has beauty, function and options all in one. The LH9, along with their other models, has a double action/single action trigger that can be utilized in double action only by simply pushing the hammer to rest position. Lionheart calls this feature “Double Action Plus.” Ergonomically excellent, the LH9 is a fine addition to any collection.


Overall Length: 7.5”
Overall Height: 4.9”
Capacity: 13
MSRP: $749

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