Domestic Dispute Leaves 5 Dead At PA Car Wash

FAYETTE COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA — 5 people are dead after what is reported to have been a domestic dispute. An ex of a woman, sources say, opened fire on a group of people at a car wash.

Local news reports;

Family members also said two of the victims were her relatives.

The shooting happened on Indian Creek Valley Road in Melcroft in Saltlick Township just before 3 a.m., police said.

Officials said all the victims were in their 20s to early 30s.

One person is also in the hospital but their condition is unknown, according to police.

The suspected gunman has not yet been identified.

Police confirmed that two females and three males were killed. One other person was injured in the shooting.

It is not yet known whether the gunman was among the deceased. Police made a statement saying that there is no immediate threat to the community, and that could mean that he is indeed among the deceased.

We aren’t sure what the circumstances were surrounding this incident, but it’s a case where self-defense with a firearm would have likely been justified. Whether any of the victims were armed remains a mystery.

Check this space for updates.

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