Kyle Rittenhouse Extradited To Wisconsin, New Details Emerge

As the attorneys tried fighting extradition for their client Kyle Rittenhouse, those attempts came to an end on Friday, as the teen was extradited from Illinois to Wisconsin in order to face charges.

A judge granted an extradition request to send Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, of Antioch in northern Illinois, to Wisconsin, and he arrived at the Kenosha County Jail later that day, according to officials and court documents.

The judge rejected arguments by Rittenhouse’s attorney that the documents did not conform to statutory requirements and that extraditing the teenager to Wisconsin would violate his Constitutional rights.

via nbcnews.com

Rittenhouse faces numerous charges after a shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin that left 2 people dead and another injured. He and his attorneys have claimed self-defense from the beginning.

Rittenhouse turned himself into police the next day, after he was allegedly told to go home while trying to turn himself in after the incident by an officer.

Another detail revealed was that Rittenhouse, while at the police station after turning himself in, had bouts of crying and throwing up, and was visibly upset at what had happened. When under such stress, it’s not uncommon for a person to experience vomiting, and is expected in many cases.

Rittenhouse was checked for injuries, and was found to have scratches on his arms. Paramedics were called again a few hours later when he started having trouble breathing.

It was announced earlier this month that Rittenhouse won’t be facing any charges in Illinois. The charges stemmed from the uncertainty as to whether or not the firearm used had crossed state lines. Based on what we know, the AR-15 never left Wisconsin, and was also purchased in that state.

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