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Home Intruder Shot And Killed In Self-Defense In Quiet Neighborhood

RENO, NEVADA — By all accounts from neighbors, the area they live in is quiet with nothing out of the ordinary taking place. That changed on Saturday just before 10 p.m. local time when police say a homeowner shot and killed an intruder after he broke into the home.

The armed citizen is cooperating with police, and while the investigation continues, no charges are expected.

“The homeowner in this incident is cooperating with the investigation,” police said in a statement. “At this time an arrest will not be made as this appears to be in defense of himself.”

No further details were immediately available surrounding this incident.

If someone enters your home who wasn’t invited, in most locations you can use deadly force to defend yourself and your home. Mistakes do happen, such as a family member being mistaken for a home intruder, or an intoxicated trying to gain entry into what they believe to be their home.

Neither of those seem to fit this situation, and it looks like this armed homeowner successfully defended themselves against someone looking to do harm.

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