Burglar Forcibly Enters Home Through Locked Door, Is Shot By Homeowner

MILTON, GEORGIA — There was no stealth or subterfuge in this home invasion. The bad guy didn’t try to sneak in. He didn’t try to come in quietly so no one can hear him. Instead, he broke through the locked front door. On the other side, the homeowner was waiting for him.

Before police got to the scene, officers say the suspect forcibly entered the home through its locked front door and confronted the homeowner.

During the confrontation, police say the homeowner fired a handgun multiple times, hitting the intruder in the torso.  

Medics treated the suspect, identified as 23-year-old Corey Patton II from Charlotte, North Carolina, at the scene before he was transported to a nearby hospital. Patton was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Via Fox 5 Atlanta

The Breakdown:

There is not a terrible amount of source material to pull from. What we do know is that around 8:30pm at night, Corey Patton II decided to force his way into someones home. A locked front door be damned, Patton was committed to getting inside his intended home target.

After breaking through the front door, Patton encountered the homeowner. After a brief altercation between the two men, the homeowner used his firearm. Patton was shot several times in the torso. Home invasion over.

Police arrived and questioned the homeowner. Currently there are no charges pending. Patton was taken to the hospital where he later died of his wounds.

The Bad:

There really isn’t enough information to discuss the actions of the homeowner. From what we do know, we can’t find much wrong in the homeowners actions. Patton on the other hand, well, you shouldn’t go breaking down people’s front doors. His crimes eventually caught up with him and sadly, he paid the ultimate price.

The Good:

Our homeowner was ready and prepared to defend his home and family. He had a firearm in the house, which he was able to use to defend himself during this deadly encounter. I, fortunately, have never experienced someone forcing entry into my house from a locked front door. I can only imagine what the homeowner must have been going through as he heard the door breaking.

The homeowner was prepared for Patton as he entered the house. It sounds as though the two men, at least for a moment, had a discussion. Eventually, the homeowner felt his life was in danger and he needed to stop Patton. Squeezing the trigger and ending the threat is exactly what he did.

The investigation is ongoing, but as of right now the homeowner has not been charged. It seems like a clear cut case of self defense.

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