[GRAPHIC WARNING] 5 Killed, 40+ Injured As SUV Rams Into Holiday Parade In Wisconsin – UPDATED


Updated 2:22am EST: The City of Waukesha posted an update on their Facebook page and confirmed the worst; 5 people are dead and over 40 are injured as a result of the terrible attack during their holiday parade.

Update 10:04pm EST: Police held a second conference, but would not confirm the number of fatalities until all families have been notified.

Update 9:02pm EST: In a news conference, police confirmed that an officer fired at the vehicle. Also confirmed is that they have a person of interest in custody.

11 adults and numerous additional children were taken to

Update 8:28pm EST: Police reportedly fired 3 shots as vehicle fled, striking the vehicle at least once.

WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN — Police say at least 1 person is dead and 20 others injured during a holiday parade when a vehicle drove down the street and plowed into the parade. Multiple videos were uploaded that showed the chaos immediately following the incident, with the vehicle apparently continuing on.

The vehicle involved in the incident was located, and police have a person of interest that they’re looking into.


While the tweet below details that the suspect has been arrested, we could not find any confirmation to support this claim.

After watching the horrific video, this seems to be a deliberate act, versus a different scenario such as a medical emergency.

As we’re Concealed Nation, I’ll also mention the following: The use of deadly force against the driver in this instance would have absolutely been justified under the laws of self-defense and the defense of others.

A press conference is scheduled for 7:30 p.m central time.

This is a developing story.

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