Car Thief Dragged Out Of Barber Shop By Dreads After Woman Tracks Down Her Stolen Vehicle

This is absolutely an LOL, but as armed citizens, we should take a look at this from our perspective.

The video below shows clips of a citizens arrest where a suspected car thief is confronted by the vehicle’s owner after she tracked him down. When she calls him out, others in the area help detail him, then ultimately drag him out of the shop by his dreads.

Police arrived shortly after to make an arrest.

One thing that we teach as armed citizens; don’t chase a fleeing suspect. That’s whether you’re carrying a gun or not, because you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.

Conversely, you could argue that the suspect doesn’t know what he or she is getting into, but we always side with the option that’s going to guarantee us to stay alive with the higher percentage.

Additionally, while I applaud the other people for stepping in and helping the woman detail the man, there is no way that they could say with certainty that the woman was telling the truth. She could have been an angry ex for all they knew.

It’s about liability, it’s about safety, and it’s about protecting yourself. The suspect could have gone out guns blazing, and you simply don’t know until you’re in the situation.

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