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Man Pulls Out Machete After Girlfriend Struck And Killed By Motorist, Concealed Carrier Steps In “To Diffuse The Situation”

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — A woman was struck and killed by a vehicle while on a bike ride with her boyfriend. The terrible incident occurred around 6:30am Thursday, and triggered a series of events that luckily didn’t lead to more death.

The driver of the vehicle is reported to have been a father who was taking his kids to school. He had a green light when the accident occurred.

Immediately after the accident, the woman’s boyfriend pulled out a machete and threatened the driver with it. A concealed carry permit holder was nearby and saw what had happened, and drew his firearm in an effort to stop the man from attacking the driver, which proved successful.

The driver is not expected to face charges, since police say he had the right of way.

This incident, as terrible as it was, could have been worse if the man were successful in attacking the driver. I can’t imagine the stress for everyone involved, but this armed citizen did the right thing and likely prevented another tragedy that day.

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