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Man Is Shot In Chest After Assaulting Woman At Apartment Complex

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — The condition of a man is not immediately known after he was shot in the chest by another man who witnessed him attacking a woman at an apartment complex.

Police went to the scene after receiving calls of a person shot.

They arrived to find Quartez Goodman with a gunshot wound to the chest.

Police said Goodman went to the complex and assaulted a woman. During the alleged assault, Goodman pulled a gun and pointed it at the woman, Daugherty said.

A second man intervened and tried to stop the assault when Goodman turned his gun on him, Daugherty said. At that point, the second man produced a gun of his own and shot Goodman in the chest.

via ajc.com

The relationship between the three, if any, was unclear.

The woman sustained injuries during the attack and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Regardless of how things started, it would seem that the armed citizen did what he had to do to help this woman who was being hurt at the hands of Goodman.

That’s why love good guys with guns stories, and they’ll never get old.

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