Man Shot And Killed During Argument: Why Walking Away Is Always The Better Option

SARASOTA, FLORIDA — A man is dead after witnesses say he was involved in an argument with another man. That other man was armed, and pulled out a gun and shot him dead.

He then took off before police arrived.

This all happened around 4 p.m. next to a pretty busy intersection.

Deputies say the suspected shooter is a white or Hispanic man last seen wearing a white tank top. He was seen leaving the area in a grey or silver sedan with another man. The sheriff’s office did not provide more details on either the suspected shooter or the man inside the car.

via newsbreak.com

It is not known if the men knew each other, or if it was a random occurrence that ended terribly. Either way, avoiding conflict is one of the top goals as an armed citizen, or anyone for that matter.

You may be fine with giving someone your opinions in grand fashion and then walking away to continue on with your day, but they could be a type of person who will shoot you dead. You just don’t know.

Or, this could have been a self-defense shooting and we just don’t have all of the details yet. Time will tell.

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