Multiple Campuses On Lockdown After Man Nearby Is Seen Carrying The Toy Gun You’re Looking At In The Picture

DAVIE, FLORIDA — A 60-year-old man was walking down the street with an umbrella under one arm and a toy gun in one hand. Where he was going or what he was doing isn’t really a concern, is it?

A student at Florida Atlantic University was leaving the parking lot off College Avenue late Thursday night when she thought she saw a man with a rifle, according to Davie police.


She sped off and called police after she said the man pointed the toy gun at her.

Local college campuses were placed in lockdown for 3 hours while police tried to find the man, which they eventually did.

The man, who police say is 60, matched the student’s description. He had a white beard and was wearing a gray sweater. He said he was on College Avenue earlier but he never pointed the toy gun at anyone, according to police.

The man was not arrested. He did have his yellow, orange and green toy gun taken as evidence, however.

The only thing going for the witness is that the ‘incident’ occurred late at night. Still, being able to identify something of rifle shape should also be cause to identify the bright colors as a toy gun.

What’s your take on this story?

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