Friends On The Fence: How To Convince Them To Carry Concealed


By Luke McCoy via USA Carry

You’re an everyday concealed carrier — good to go!  Hanging out with your friends, you know that if an emergency situation arises, you’re ready and able to protect them and yourself.  That’s a great first step.  Even better is when you’re all carrying concealed.

In this article, we’ll talk about a few ways to get your friends into carrying a concealed firearm.

Bring Your Friends To The Range

One of the best ways to get someone accustomed to firearms is getting them to actually fire a gun.  People who are unfamiliar with guns tend to be a bit skittish around them.  They know guns are associated with violence and that sort of programming is embedded in their fine motor skills.  A first time shooter will jump at the sound of a loud bang.  He’ll instinctively close his eyes before squeezing the trigger.  His hands may visibly shake.

Once your friend has gotten a chance to actually fire a few handguns in a safe, controlled environment, he’ll begin to really understand that a gun is just a tool.  It’s the person behind the gun and that person’s intent or negligence that determines the rest.  That brings us to the next important point…

Always Reinforce Good Firearm Safety

How do you expect your friends to trust handguns if you don’t set the right example?  If you’re a concealed carrier, you’re an unwitting ambassador to your community in terms of gun rights and the importance of staying responsibly armed.

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One of the best things you can do to inspire your other friends to become concealed carriers is simply setting the right example.  Don’t drink and carry.  Don’t flash your gun around.  Don’t get caught up in petty squabbles and then threaten the other party with your CCW permit.  These are things that make people feel you’re unstable and make them less trusting of the pivotal role firearms play in our society.

Help Them With The Application Process

A lot of the anxiety that arises with becoming a concealed carry permit holder is simply getting to the part where the person gets the permit.  Some states are much more convoluted than others insofar as applying and fulfilling requirements.

For more information check out our Concealed Carry Permit Information By State section.

Because you’ve already made it through, you’re in a great position to help your friends through this process.  If you’re in a state that requires mandatory CCW training classes, show your friends how they can sign up for a class.

Click here for our Firearm Instructor Directory.

If you know a CCW training class is coming up, remind your friends that it’s happening.  You don’t have to be pushy, but it’s always nice to know you’ve got someone willing and eager to help.

Once They Become Concealed Carriers, Carry Everyday

Now that you’re close circle of friends all carry concealed, this is a great opportunity to reinforce the everyday carry mentality.

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Show them that there’s more to an inside the waistband concealed carry holster than just what they see at the gun shop.  Point out why it’s better to use JHP or defensive rounds like HydroShok versus carrying just FMJ.  Get into discussions about best practices when faced in certain situations.

Let them learn from the lessons you’ve had to learn and who knows — maybe you’ll be taking advice from them soon enough!

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