Maine Mass Shooting Suspect May Have Ditched Car For Boat Staged At Boat Launch

LISBON, MAINE — The U.S. Coast Guard is actively searching for Robert Card, the suspect in the Lewiston mass shooting, in the Kennebec River. Card, an Army Reservist considered “armed and dangerous,” may have fled on his 15-foot boat, which is unaccounted for. This information was provided by authorities to The Messenger.

A team of five Coast Guard members is patrolling the river, following the incident where Card allegedly killed 18 and injured 13 at a bowling alley and a nearby bar on Wednesday night. Chief Petty Officer Ryan Smith, leading the Boothbay Harbor Station, confirmed the ongoing search.

Card’s car was discovered at a boat launch in Lisbon Falls, approximately 10 miles from Lewiston, sparking an extensive manhunt. The Coast Guard is looking for Card’s missing 15-foot Bayliner boat, described by Smith as akin to a “lake boat.” The search is concentrated on the entire river, especially near the northern shore where it meets the Androscoggin River. The Coast Guard crew involved in the search is armed.

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