WHY WE CARRY: Suspect Shoots Officer Multiple Times During Traffic Stop, Goes On To Murder Woman To Steal Her Car


UPDATE: The suspect has been taken into custody.

BURLESON, TEXAS — A manhunt is underway for a suspect, identified as 39-year-old Jerry Don Elders. During a traffic stop for a tail light that was out, the officer who approached the vehicle was ‘ambushed’ by one of three people inside the vehicle and struck multiple times by gunfire.

The suspect then took the officer’s gun and the three made a getaway, but soon abandoned the vehicle after it caught fire.

After abandoning the car, the suspects needed a quick getaway, and as a result, an innocent person lost their life.

Burleson police said the suspects fled to a home in the 8000-block of County Road 802 and carjacked a woman, WFAA reported.

Authorities said the woman was shot during the carjacking and died of her injuries.

via policetribune.com

A manhunt that lasted hours ended with the apprehension of Elders, who will hopefully be spending the rest of his days behind bars. The two others who were in the car with Elders are still being sought by police.

The woman killed, who has not been identified, is another statistic of violent crime that came upon them with little to no warning. It’s why we train, and it’s why we carry firearms and other self-defensive tools.

These criminals and murderers won’t think twice about taking your life, and you should be prepared to defend yourself if one crosses your path.

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