Why We Carry: 3 Dead In Wisconsin Home Invasion, Suspect Killed By Police

KEWASKUM, WISCONSIN — Three people, including the gunman, were shot and killed during a home invasion gone very wrong. The first person shot was at a residence, and the other victim was found on a nearby property.

Someone at a residence in the Town of Kewaskum called 911 on Wednesday afternoon after a man forced his way into the Washington County home and demanded keys to a vehicle, authorities said. The man then fatally shot a resident of the home before officers arrived.

A neighbor who heard the gunshots called 911 to report a man with a gun was walking toward his or her house, officials said. Sheriff’s deputies arrived and exchanged gunfire with the man, who then ran away.

via foxnews.com

Police found the suspect with the help of a drone. When police approached him, he was already dead from a gunshot wound sustained during the shootout with police.

No names have been released.

I get funny looks at times when people find out that I carry at home, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I know how quickly these things can go down, just as they did here. If my gun isn’t quickly and easily accessible, it may as well be in the safe.

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