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Off-Duty Firefighter Shot And Killed By Armed Citizen During Domestic Assault

BRYANS ROAD, MARYLAND — A 30-year-old off-duty firefighter named Carl Francis Braxton lost his life after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. The incident occurred in the early morning hours, prompting a response from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.

The authorities were alerted to the domestic assault in progress at a residence located in the 2900 block of Sedgemore Place, which is situated approximately 25 miles south of Washington. Upon arrival, law enforcement discovered Braxton near an intersection, visibly wounded from a gunshot. Despite being rushed to a hospital, Braxton succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

The sequence of events leading to Braxton’s demise started when his girlfriend managed to escape their townhouse, seeking help from a passerby who happened to be walking his dog. Witnesses later reported that Braxton approached the man, issuing threats of harm. Undeterred by the warnings, Braxton continued his aggressive advance towards the man. Faced with this situation, the passerby, who possessed a valid permit to carry a firearm, drew his firearm and fired, ultimately resulting in Braxton’s fatal injury.

Law enforcement agencies have chosen not to disclose the identity of the armed pedestrian involved in the incident. However, they have confirmed that the individual cooperated fully with the authorities, remaining at the scene until officers arrived. Following initial questioning, the armed pedestrian was transported to a police station but was subsequently released pending further investigation. Importantly, investigators have stressed that there is no evidence to suggest any preexisting connection between the shooter and Braxton or his girlfriend.

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