11 Injured In Shooting At Mississippi Biker Bar, No Suspects

GRENADA, MISSISSIPPI — In what police are calling a mass shooting, 11 people were injured at SMS Biker Club around 1 am Sunday morning after people inside the bar began shooting at each other.

No deaths were reported, and all but 2 injured were released from the hospital.

There is no mention as to a motive for the shooting, or if there were multiple suspects.

Police determined that individuals inside the club began shooting at each other, and that’s not exactly what I’d classify as a mass shooting. The more likely reason for the incident was heated tempers, alcohol, and stupid people doing stupid things.

That’s speculation on my part, of course.

If there aren’t any suspects or victims speaking up, it’s very likely that this wasn’t a case of self-defense. Rather, they’re adhering to the code and not being snitches.

The term ‘mass shooting’ should be reserved for the individuals who prey on innocent victims, with their goal being mass casualty and shock. Those individuals are smeared all over the news, unlike this story that pops up on local news stations.

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