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Negligent Discharge, Stupidity Lead To Man’s Death After Being Shot By Friend While Cleaning Guns

A few guys are seen on camera in an office, and they’re cleaning a few handguns. This usually isn’t cause for concern, but both of them show extreme negligence, disregard for any firearm safety rules, as well as heightened stupidity.

The man in the yellow shirt finishes cleaning and points the unloaded gun at his friend, pulling the trigger.

In return, the man at the desk finishes cleaning and then places the loaded magazine in the firearm. Slide drops. He pulls the trigger, shooting his friend square in the chest.

He immediately jumps up and tries to help his friend, but there is nothing that can be done to save him, unfortunately.

These adult men, although I hate to call them that, acted so irresponsibly that if I were to see this negligence in person, I’d let them have it. Then, I’d leave, because it’s obviously not a safe place to be in.

This example is obviously well beyond negligence, but it does bring up the reminder: When cleaning your firearm, don’t have any ammo around. Additionally, never point your firearm at something that you are not willing to destroy. Loaded or not, the rules always apply.

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