Husband Dead After Defending Himself And His Wife Against Armed Man


DULUTH COUNTY, GEORGIA — A Gwinnett County business owner was shot and killed defending himself and his wife as they locked up their internet cafe for the night. The suspect was identified as 22-year-old Diante Doby of Stone Mountain. The business owner managed to use his own handgun to fatally shoot Doby during the attempted robbery.

Doby was able to escape by aid of his girlfriend. Doby’s girlfriend, 22-year-old Kendra Yvonne Gates of Snellville, drove to a nearby McDonald’s and then called 911. She turned herself in and Doby was found dead at the scene.

via 11 Alive News – Atlanta

“The victim was armed, took out his firearm and fired back,” said Gwinnett Police Corporal Michele Pihera. “Unfortunately, he also lost his life. But at least he was able to try to defend himself and his female companion.”

This is the sort of tragic situation that hits home to the concealed carry community. We always put so much emphasis on training, readiness, and carrying everyday. The truth of an actual defensive gun use makes all it seem sad.

This thug wasn’t afraid to use his gun. His girlfriend, who sat nearby in a getaway car, obviously had no problem with the thought that her boyfriend would have gunned down two honest people in the dark of night just so he could make off with some loot.

Real people have to defend against real scum.

And, in this case, a man was able to defend his female companion at the price of his own life. Andrew Shin, 52 of Dunwoody, managed to buy his wife the time she needed to seek shelter. Gwinnett County deputies had to use Korean language services to get the wife to fully explain the incident.

This robber targeted people he thought would be easy prey. He was wrong. It’s a concealed carrier’s job to make sure of that. We selflessly defend our family and our property without a second thought to the reality that maybe we don’t make it out alive. In Shin’s case, he fought to the end.

As for the getaway driver, she’ll be charged with the armed robbery and police say more charges are coming down the pike for her. That’s the price you pay when you bed down with the wrong team.

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