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Concealed Carrier Shoots Suspect Who Opened Fire On Group Of Employees Eating Lunch

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – On Thursday August 25, an Atlanta man claimed self-defense after another man pulled up in his vehicle and opened fire upon him and some of his co-workers who were eating lunch.

The men were having their meal outside of the warehouse where they worked, and one of the employees pulled his firearm and returned fire in the direction of the perpetrating gunman.

Three people were injured in the shooting.

The story was told by the employee’s aunt, who told a local CBS affiliate in Atlanta that they initially heard about the incident by getting a phone call and being notified that her nephew was involved in a “serious accident” at work.

Local law enforcement have not yet corroborated the aunt’s story, but the man was brought in for questioning and then let go the same day. Police have yet to publicly identify the suspect’s name, who is in custody, or charges against him. Additionally, the victims of the shooting are unknown.  

According to CrimeGrade.org, the incident took place south of McDonough, GA, which is a heavy shipping and transportation industry center for Georgia, and the crime rates for the area are viewed as ranging from a “C” grade to an “A+” grade.

The aunt of the defending employee said he was a forklift operator at the tech company.

“Nervous. Anxiety. We don’t know anything right now. We are just all over the place right now,” the aunt said at the scene.

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