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Man Shot Dead By Homeowner After He Crashed His Car, Tried Boarding School Bus, Then Broke Into House

POLK CITY, FLORIDA — A man is dead after police say a while ride and series of events unfolded after the man crashed his vehicle.

The man, 45-year-old Mayson Armando Ortiz-Vazquez, crashed his vehicle to kick off this situation. After the crash, he attempted to board a school bus. The driver of that bus remained calm and refused his entry.

School bus driver Margie Yzaguirre refused to open the doors to Mayson Armando Ortiz-Vazquez after he started banging on them. (Polk County Public Schools)

“She kept the doors locked and didn’t let him in when he ran up to the vehicle,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told reporters.

After this failed attempt, Ortiz-Vazquez jumped on two cars. After that, he made the fatal decision of breaking into a home.

Inside that home was a family, and the homeowner eventually made the decision to fire his gun at the intruder, killing him.

“They were trying to control him inside the house,” Judd told reporters. “He grabbed the glass that didn’t break when he broke in and threw it at the homeowner. And that is when they shot him, and he went down.”

The homeowner was protecting his family, including their 9-year-old child who was home at the time of the incident.

“This has meth written all over it,” Judd said. “At 6:10 this morning, he goes totally wild, totally out of control. Very dangerous and he does a home invasion. … This was a very frightening event today.”

Most of us are not on our A-game at 6 a.m., and that’s very typical. It’s a time for getting ready for the day, getting the kids ready and fed, and preparing for the day ahead.

Carrying our firearm at home is highlighted in this story, and while we don’t know if the homeowner was doing this, it shows how quickly and unexpectedly things can turn from good to terrible.

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