[VIDEO] Sig Sauer Handgun Rundown: Taking A Look At 11 Different Offerings

Sig Sauer produces many of the finest pistols in the firearm industry. Everything from full-size duty to lightweight subcompact concealed carry handguns, Sig Sauer creates them. They offer a 1911 handgun line that traditional enthusiasts enjoy. Many competitors choose their P320 X-Five handgun that is incredibly smooth shooting and accurate. The growing line of P365 models are very popular for carry and the P226 pistols are considered some of the finest pistols ever created. One could confidently say, Sig Sauer produces handguns for every area of shooting. 

I’ve been running a video series that features as many firearms that I could showcase for a particular manufacturer. Clearly, this review features Sig Sauer. Admittedly, I had help with this “Sig Sauer World” review. By creating videos, shooters often reach out and offer their firearms for reviews such as this. A friend contacted me to offer all of his Sig Sauer handguns to feature. Of course, I jumped on the opportunity.

In this review, 10 Sig Sauer handguns were showcased. Each was different in their own way. I started with the classic Sig Sauer DA/SA pistols. A couple excellent 1911’s handguns were included then the Sig P320 line was added. I offered a quick description of each pistol along with some range shooting. Several pistols were chambered in 9mm however .40 S&W and .45 ACP were also included. It was a real treat for me to experience so many Sig Sauer handguns at one time. I just had to bring the viewers along with me. 

If you are a fan of Sig Sauer handguns, this is the review for you. Check out the attached video and let us know which of these Sig pistols are your favorites.

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