BREAKING: Multiple Officers Shot In Attack In Philadelphia, Firefight Continues

PHILADELPHIA, PA — At least five officers have been shot in what appears to be a wild firefight in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania between numerous police officers and at least one gunman, The Washington Post reports.

The officers, reportedly expected to survive, are casualties of a firefight that appears to have been going on for almost a full hour.

As of this writing, police say via Twitter that the suspect is still shooting.

Media has not been helping matters.

The Philadelphia neighborhood in which the fight is taking place has been in chaos for the past hour.

NBC Philadelphia reports that at least one suspect is in custody, but “gunfire continued to ring out.”

Please join us in wishing the Philadelphia police and residents a safe conclusion to this horrible shooting.


*The title of this article has been updated to reflect that the incident does not seem to be targeted. The firefight began after police were serving a narcotics warrant.

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