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Man Is Shot And Killed Trying To Break Into Home After Stabbing A Woman At The Same Location Earlier That Day

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA — Police say the same man showed up at a residence twice in one day. The first time, they say he stabbed a woman at the home. She was taken to the hospital for treatment. Later in the day, the man showed up at the home again and tried breaking in.

He didn’t get far, and he paid the ultimate price.

Investigators say a man was attempting to break into a residence before being shot and killed by a woman who lived inside.

via cbs4indy.com

The woman who pulled the trigger stayed at the home and was cooperating with police, who believe the incident was isolated. The man who was shot and killed knew both women, police say.

While the details behind the events are unknown, this man obviously posed a deadly threat to these two women at the home, and showed this by stabbing one and then coming back to apparently finish the job.

It’s moments like these that we’re grateful for our 2nd Amendment, and it’s something that we can never give up.

Every single day, we report on stories that show citizens defending themselves against people who wish to do them harm, and may are successful simply because of the fact that they’re armed.

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