Suspect Drives Car Through Target Store, Shoppers Panic, Device Dropped On Ground

HAMMOND, LOUISIANA — Police say a man drove a vehicle into a Target, drove around a bit, dropped at least one device onto the floor, and caused quite the panic for shoppers unsure of what was happening.

On man recorded the incident and upon investigation, started running in the opposite direction, yelling for people to get out of the store.

In a news conference a few hours later, the police chief said: “A vehicle drove through the front of Target. He ran through the store and dropped a device on the ground.”

The incident was first reported as an active shooter situation.

“It’s crazy!”  An eyewitness posted in a long Facebook rant about what happened.  “He jumped out of the car [inside the store] and said ‘listen up,’” the woman said, adding that he drove the vehicle through the store “like a Hoveround” motorized scooter.

via wbrz.com

No one was injured during the incident and police took the man into custody.

In any of these situations, I always wonder what type of force could be used to stop the person from continuing with what they’re doing. Did this guy pose a threat of severe bodily harm or death? I’d say so, since driving a into a store –intentionally– cannot guarantee that people aren’t in the path that he’s taking.

Further, the man in the car said or did something that alerted the cameraman of trouble, and made him run in the opposite direction.

It’s a wild world. Stay safe and stay alert.

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