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These Teens Tried To Rob The Wrong Homeowner, Ended With A Trip To The Hospital

DALLAS, TX — In another case of “Wow, we really picked the wrong house,” a pair of juveniles attempted to rob the owner of a Dallas home.

Thinking that robbing the homeowner outside his home was their ticket to a quick buck — they were very, very wrong.

As CBS DFW reports:

Two juveniles are recovering from gunshot wounds after Dallas police say they tried to rob a homeowner. The incident happened at around 11 p.m. Saturday on Glen Arbor Drive near East Ledbetter.

Police say the juveniles tried to rob the homeowner outside his house. The homeowner shot the two of them. A third person drove the two to a nearby hospital. Dallas police say the two juveniles face charges of aggravated robbery.

There are only two reasons I can think of that robbers would attempt to attack a homeowner outside of his property.

1. They believed that they couldn’t get any valuable possessions from inside the home, which is an odd thing to assume, or far more likely:

2. They believed that the homeowner would be vulnerable outside his home.

They either knew the man and thought he’d be unarmed outside, or this was a crime of opportunity. In either case, these juveniles were horribly mistaken.

It is a good thing that neither of these juveniles passed away in the resulting shooting. Not only can the teens have a chance to learn a life lesson from this incident, but in Texas it’s possible to charge an accomplice as a murderer if an assailant is killed during the commission of a crime.

With luck, these teens will be able to recover from their wounds and yet be productive members of society. I wish them the best, but if they try to harm another homeowner like this, they may well not be so lucky.

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