Man Drives Towards Crowd Of Protesters, Shoots One, Gets Out Of Car Brandishing Handgun

UPDATE: New video below shows us the seconds prior to the videos below, and could change the narrative of this story.

We still don’t have all the details, and for the first time, we may have jumped to conclusions. We’ll continue to follow this story and report more accurately.

Original Story:

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — A man drove his vehicle towards a crowd of protesters on Sunday, and the things that followed were nothing short of bizarre.

A large group of protesters was gathered at an intersection, when they start to scramble after a car comes towards them. When it car comes up to a barricade, it stops and finds itself surrounded by angry protesters. The driver fires one shot, which hit a protester.

Then, things get bizarre.

The video below shows the car approaching, stopping, and then we can hear the shot that is fired.

What does the driver do next? He gets out of his car and flaunts his gun at protesters. He doesn’t fire anymore shots. He also doesn’t get back into his car.


Yea, you saw that right. He walked through the crowd, apparently trying to blend in, and eventually gets past the crowd and the line of police behind them. Not too many people seemed to notice the gun in his hand.

The man was later caught and arrested by police, but it’s unclear when this occurred.

Of course this isn’t a person who represents the values of an American gun owner, and what he did was absolutely wrong and criminal. Why drive to the protest? What were you trying to do/prove? What were the motives behind this ridiculous stunt?

What would have happened in this same scenario if it had played out in Texas? Florida? Arizona? Chances are, that driver would have at least been held at gunpoint by a law-abiding and armed citizen.

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