BREAKING: Person Shot As Group Attempts Tearing Down Statue In New Mexico, Armed Militia Was There Protecting Statues

Protests are still going on, and they’re taking new form as we’ve seen a recent call to remove statues that are associated with the Confederacy and other controversial topics.

Today in Albuquerque, a group of demonstrators were attempting to take down a statue of Juan de Oñate, who was a Spanish conquistador.

A man was shot Monday evening at a demonstration where protesters planned to topple a conquistador’s statue in Albuquerque, New Mexico, authorities said.

It wasn’t immediately clear who had been shot. Albuquerque police said in a statement that one person had been taken to a hospital in critical condition but that there were no other injuries.

via nbcnews.com

Multiple gunshots can be heard in the background of the video below, after a man in a blue shirt is seen running from protesters. The shots are heard in the last minute of the video. It is still unknown who fired the shots.

A second video shows people coming to the aid of the shot man, telling people to call 911 and surrounding him to see what they can do to help until paramedics arrive.


Another video showed the aftermath, including the person who was shot being taken by first responders.

Reports state that members of the New Mexico Civil Guard, an armed group of civilians, were there clashing with protesters.

The shooting occurred during a clash between individuals trying to take down the controversial sculpture and five or six heavily armed New Mexico Civil Guard members, a civilian group, trying to protect the monument that features conquistador Juan de Oñate.

via abqjournal.com

The first video embedded above shows over an hour’s worth of events leading up to the shooting.

This is a developing story.

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